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herbal medicines based on classical and modern formulation, nutraceuticals, and consumer products, compatible to pharmacopeia. …Read more
manufacturer of marble and stone figures…Read more
manufacturer and exporter of Indian Hand Knotted Woolen/Silk & Tufted Pile Carpets and other floor covering …Read more
Medicines, Hospital Products, Dental products and Cosmetics…Read more
Dried flowers & pot pourri for decoration …Read more
Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Food Grains, Spices, Ceramic Products and other Food products …Read more
Pilfer proof Caps for Glass Bottles …Read more
Guar Gum Powder, Guar Refined Split and Guar Meal…Read more
In Stainless Steel: - Welded & Seamless Pipes & Tubes/ Coils/ Capillary/ Rods/ Sheets/ Plates/ Wires/ Angels/ Flanges/ Fittings in all types Welded & Seamless / BW/ SW/ Screwed/ Forges / Elbow/ Tee/ Reducers/ Stubends/ Flanges/ Unions/ Caps/ Nipples/ Coupling/ Washers/ Valves/ Gasket and so on. …Read more
1. Natural Henna Leaves (whole and crushed). 2. Natural Henna Powder. 3. Natural Red Henna Powder. 4. Neutral Henna Powder. 5. SPA - Natural Henna Powder 6. Beauty Salon-Natural Henna Powder. 7. Natural Herbal Henna Powder. 8. Instant Henna Paste : Tube and Cone. 9. Natural Beauty 1…Read more
pharmaceutical formulations in the form of Tablets, Capsules, Liquids/ Syrups, EyeEar Drops and Ointments. major therapeutic areas Antibiotics, Analgesic & AntiPyretics, Multivitamins, Antimalarial, AntiBacterial, AntiFungals, Antiinflammatics, AntiBiotics, Anti Tuberculars, …Read more
Structural Fabrication , Machinery Components, Press Parts, Roll Forming and Engineering Equipment's viz Pressure Vessels, Transformer Tanks, Storage Tanks, Platforms, Painting Booth & Chambers etc. …Read more
Herbal Probiotics Nutritional and Health Supplements products …Read more
Agriculture(Agro product)…Read more
PP & HDPE laminated and non-laminated woven fabric and bags for packaging solutions …Read more
Medicines, Hospital Products, Dental products and Cosmetics…Read more
Herbal Products, Handicrafts & Terracotta, Food Items (Papads, Pickle & Snacks), Indian spices and Garments (Only T Shirts) ect …Read more
Man Power: Doctors, Engineers, Farm Labour, Marine Engineers, Air Crew People, Nurses & Catering Hotel Persons Products : Fresh Fruits (Alpanso Mango, Cashew, Cashew Nuts, Jack Fruits, Kokam), Fresh tined Fruit Juices, Traditional Sweet Khaja, Wooden Toys, HandiCrafts, Bamboo works, Fishes, T…Read more
manufacturer & exporter of Scaffolding and Accessories…Read more
Mines Owner & manufacturers of non metallic minerals such as Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite & Dolomite…Read more
Manufacturer & Exporter of Ceramic Tiles & sanitary ware…Read more
Merchant Exporter of Cotton Print Fabric…Read more
We are a group of professionals specialized in the field of Solid Liquid separation, Veg Oil Processing, Fish Oil processing, Effluent Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Solid Waste Treatment, Starch and Derivatives, Solvent Extraction and allied areas.…Read more
Exporters of Garments (Shirt-Pent)…Read more
Exporters of Neem Oil, Neem Cakes, Neem Cake Solid, Neem Pallets, Castro Oil, Castro Cake, Karanja Oil, Karanja Cake, Moova Oil and Moova Cakes.…Read more
specifically for potato and potato products…Read more
manufacturing of products in following therapeutic categories:- · Anaesthetics · Anti Cancer · Anti Bacterial & Anti Fungal · Anti TB · Analgesics & Antipyratics · Gynaecological · Cardiovascular · Corticosteroids & Hormones · Supportive Drugs & various other acute and chronic ca…Read more
manufacturer and exporters of Laboratory Instruments, Glassware, etc. which are meant for schools, colleges, universities, for educational purposes. We deal in various departments like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.…Read more
manufacturing of Fountain Nozzles, Underwater lights, Spray Ring, Laminar Jets, Swimming Pool Fittings, Floater etc. …Read more
Manufacturers in india of EHV/HT/LT Cables & High Voltage Conductors from 0.4 KV to 800 KV, utilized for Transmission & Distribution lines.…Read more