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Major development projects of Government of India in

Northern Province


Under the Indian Housing Project (IHP), a Pilot Project (Phase-I) involving construction of 1,000 houses at a cost of INR 53 crore was launched in April 2011 and completed in July 2013. Under this project Government of India has constructed:


250 houses in Killinochchi District;

250 houses in Mullaitivu District;

175 houses in Vavuniya District;

175 houses in Mannar District; and

150 houses in Jaffna District


          Under IHP of Phase-II (Owner-driven model), construction of 41,950 houses (SLR 5,50,000 per house) allotted for Northern Province.  Out of 41,950 houses, 40617 houses have already been completed as on date and the remaining 1333 houses are under various stages of construction and expected to be completed soon. 


Repair of Houses:  Under repair of 1000 houses in Northern Province (SLR 2,50,000 per house), 502 houses have already been repaired as on date and the repair work of 498 houses is under progress.






Completed Northern Railway Projects

  • Reconstruction of Railway Line between Medawachchiya to Madhu Road, Total distance- 43 Kms, Cost- $80 Million, opened on 14th May, 2013.
  • Reconstruction of Railway Line between Omanthai-Killinochchi-Pallai, Total distance- 91 kms, Cost-$188 Million, opened on 14th September, 2013.
  • Reconstruction of Railway Line between Pallai-Jaffna-Kankesanthurai, Total distance- 56 kms, Cost-$137 Million, Pallai-Jaffna section was opened on 13th October, 2014 and Jaffna-Kankesanthurai was opened on 02nd January, 2015.
  • Reconstruction of Railway Line between Madhu Road to Talaimannar Pier, Total distance- 63 Kms, Cost- $145 Million, opened on 14th March, 2015.
  • Providing signaling and Telecommunication system between Anuradhapura to Kankesanthurai and Medawachchiya to Talaimannar Pier, Total distance- 330 kms, Cost- $95 Million, opened on 14th March, 2015.


Status: Project already completed


KKS Harbour

Removal of 10 wrecks of KKS harbor, Northern province

(USD 19.50 million)

Status: Project already completed



Rehabilitation of Palaly Airport

(INR 18.14 crore)

Rehabilitation of 950 metres runway and construction of 75 metres ramp.

Efforts are being made to resume air service between Palaly and Tamil Nadu is under process.


Setting up of Atchchuvely Industrial Zone

 (SLR 220 million)

Project completed and was inaugurated in August 2014.


Status:Project already completed



Setting up of India Corner at the Jaffna Public Library on 11 December, 2015

During the visit of High Commissioner Y.K.Sinha to Jaffna, in the presence of the then Governor H.M.G.S. Palihakkara, Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran and Opposition Leader Thavarasa, the India Corner was launched


Construction of 200-bed ward complex at General Hospital in Vavuniya

( SLR 187 million)

The Ward Complex has already been handed over by High Commissioner Y.K. Sinha on 11 December 2015 to Hospital authorities.

Supply of equipment is under process.


Setting up English Language Laboratories in each of the Nine Provinces of Sri Lanka

(INR 4 crores for all nine districts)

The Language Lab has been handed over to Jaffna National College of Education by High Commissioner Y.K. Sinha, in the presence of State Minister for Education V.S. Radhakrishnan and NP Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran on 10 December 2015.


Setting up of a Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jaffna at Killinochchi

(SLR 300 million)

High Commissioner Y.K. Sinha and H.M.G.S. Palihakkara, Hon. Governor of Northern Province jointly unveiled Plaque for construction of Agriculture Faculty on 11 December 2015.


Setting up of a Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna at Killinochchi

( SLR 300 million)

High Commissioner Y.K. Sinha and H.M.G.S. Palihakkara, Hon. Governor of Northern Province jointly unveiled Plaque for construction of Agriculture Faculty on 11 December 2015.



Renovation of Duraiyappa Stadium

(SLR 146 million)

Duraiappah Stadium dedicated by Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi, on 18 June, 2016, through Video Conferencing in the esteemed presence of H.E. Mithripala Srisena, President of Sri Lanka.



Restoration of the Thiruketheeswaram Temple in Mannar

(INR 13.35 crores)

The execution of the construction work has already begun.


Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme and TCS Colombo Plan

Under ITEC Programme, 26 officials from Northern Province have been selected for various short-term training courses in India during 2015-2016. 

During 2016-17, we plan to send between 50-55 officials from Northern Province under ITEC Programme.





Scholarship for Sri Lanka Students to pursue higher education in Sri Lanka and in India

(SLR 200 million)

790 students are selected per year (Scholarships for 290 students for Higher Education in India and 500 students for Higher Education in Sri Lanka).


Construction of Cultural Centre at Jaffna

( SLR 1.2 billion)

The construction work would start soon.


Supply of a DMU train

(US$ 100mn- total contract value under Indian concessional financing)

On 27 Jan 2019, a Diesel Multiple Unit(DMU) supplied by India named Uttara Devi was flagged off to run between Colombo & Kankesanthurai


Establishment of an Information Technology Park in Jaffna

( SLR. 250mn )

An MoU was signed on 21 Feb 2019 to establish a Business Centre for ICT incubators/ accelerators in Jaffna.


Construction of 600 Houses under Model Village Housing Project in 25 Districts of Sri Lanka

(SLR. 300mn)

Construction of 120 houses in NP is being undertaken.


Supply of 150 Units of Fishing Boats and Fishing Equipment to Fishermen in Mullaitivu

(SLR. 100mn)

150 boats and 150 engines were handed over to 300 benefisheries in Mullaitivu on 8th September 2018


Constructions of class rooms / staff quarters in 27 schools in the Northern Province

(SLR. 250mn)

Class rooms/ staff quarters in 15 schools in various districts already handed over as on 19/06/2019. The rest of the 12 buildings will be handed over shortly.


Construction of 3000 Rain Water Harvesting Systems in Jaffna District

(SLR 300mn)

The work is in progress.


1990 Emergency Ambulance Service

(US$ 22.52mn)

India provided 297 Ambulances to cover the entire country. PM Modi joined PM Wickremesinghe through a live video conference in Jaffna and launched the service island wide in July 2018.


Upcoming Projects / Proposals


Upcoming Northern Railway Projects

Maho-Omanthai Project

Maho-Anuradhapura-Vavuniya-Omanthai (Vavuniya to Omanthai, total Length-13 kms excluding loop lines)

Total Length : 120 kms
Numbers of crossing stations : 12
Numbers of halt stations : 07
Numbers of level crossings : 78
Cost of the Project : US$ 91.26 Million
Date of signing agreement : 18th July, 2019
Date of Commencement : 29th November, 2019
Due date of Completion : 28th November, 2022


Setting up of Vocational Training Centre at Oddusudan

(SLR 300 million)

Six acres of land has already been allotted by NPC.  Joint Inspection of NPC and VTA is awaited.


Supply of 150 fishing boats and nets to 300 fishermen of Mullaitivu district

(SLR 100 million)

MoU has already been signed. The matter is under process


Renovation of schools in Northern Province

(SLR 250 million)

An MoU was signed on February 16, 2016 under Small Development Projects (SDPs) for renovation of 27 prioritized schools in Northern Province


Establishing Handicraft Village in Jaffna to help traditional handicraftsmen

(SLR 23 million)

Matter under consideration.


Government of India approved to construct 3000 rain water harvesting units in Jaffna District

(SLR 300 million)

Office for National Unity & Reconciliation (ONUR) will be the coordinating agency.


Certain Other Projects:




Distribution of bicycles to IDPs of Northern Province

(SLR 66.74 million)


Project completed in February, 2013 by distributing 10,000 bicycles covering all the five districts of Northern Province.


Supply of Medical equipment to Jaffna  Hospital

(SLR 111 million)

High valued critical equipment (101 items) already been handed over.




Medical Equipment to General Hospital in Killinochchi & Mullaitivu Districts.

(SLR 117 million)

All the equipment (89 items) has already been handed over to the District Hospitals, Mullaitivu and Killinochchi.


Artificial Limb Fitment Camp at Menik Farm and Jaffna

(INR 1.37 crore)


2,563 war victims were fitted with artificial limbs at camps held in Jaffna and at Menik Farm


Dispensary at Menik Farms.jpgDay Care at Menik Farms.jpg

Emergency Medical Unit in Northern Province Menik Farm and at Pulmoddai

(INR 3.3 crore)

The Medical Unit treated about 50,000 patients and conducted about 3000 surgeries on IDPs.


Supply of fishing boats and equipment for IDPs in Mannar district

(SLR 70.96 million)

175 Boats with outboard motors and fishing nets were handed over to 350 beneficiaries on 2 Dec 2012



Supply of equipment, lab items and vehicles to Palmyrah Research Institute, Kaithady, Jaffna

(SLR 68.78 million)

Equipment, machinery and vehicles handed over to Palmyrah Development Board on 20 July 2012




Supply of  500 Tractors and implements to agrarian centers in Northern Province

(SLR 600 million)

500 tractors distributed to Agrarian Centers across Northern Province.


Tool packs.png

Supply of 95,000 Agriculture Tool kits and 48,500 kg of seeds

(USD 2 million)

48,500 kg of seeds & 95,000 packs of agricultural implements distributed to IDPs to revive farming.




Repairs of 79 Schools of Northern Province

(SLR 187.70 million)

All the 79 schools damaged during the conflict have been renovated.

Project completed on 31 July 2012.




FS visit to the North 113.jpg

Demining in Northern Province

(INR 40.34 crore)

Demining work was carried out by Indian NGOs Sarvatra and Horizon.

Demined about 70 million sqm

Project completed on 30th Nov, 2012.




Supply of 10,400 MT of Galvanized Iron corrugated sheets as shelter Materials

(INR 50 crore)

12 sheets distributed to each IDP family benefitting about 95,000 families.




Supply of 20,000 MT (4 lakh bags) of cement for IDPs

(INR 8.30 crore)

8 cement bags were distributed to each IDP family benefitting about 50,000 families



Distribution of Family Packs at Meni Farms 2.jpg

Distribution of 2.6 lakh family packs to IDPs immediately after the war

(INR 40 crores)

260,000 family packs( clothing, utensils, food items and personal hygiene items) distributed to IDPs during the conflict and post-conflict period




Tata CityRide Buses gifted by India to Eastern province 3.jpg

Tata CityRide Buses gifted by India to Eastern province.jpg

Supply of 110 buses to Educational Institutions

(SLR 146 million)

110 buses were distributed to various institutions across the Island including Northern Province



Assistance for Fishing Net Factory at Gurunagar, Jaffna

(SLR 152 million)

Equipment supplied and installed.

Training of Employee on new machines was also arranged by Government of India.



Assistance to Small Business premises in Mullaitivu and Killinochchi

 (SLR 65 million)

1230 beneficiaries were benefited by the project

Financial assistance to the tune of LKR 25,000 to 2,00,000 given to each selected beneficiaries








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