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ITEC Day Celebrations-2023

Consulate General of India




ITEC event held in Jaffna- 2023

1. To commemorate the 59th anniversary of the capacity building partnership between India and Sri Lanka through the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) program, Consulate of India, Jaffna organised ITEC day on 07 Oct at North Gate, Jaffna. NP Governor P.S.M. Charles, NPC Chairman C. V. Sivagnanam, Chief Secretary to Governor Saman Bandulasena, Jaffna Government Agent Sivabalasundaram and ITEC alumni from Jaffna, as well as officials and professionals representing various sectors, all of whom had benefited from a range of training courses in India under ITEC programs participated in the event.

2. NP Governor P.S.M Charles praised the enduring ties between India and SL and expressed gratitude for India’s support, including ITEC slots and recent financial assistance to help Sri Lanka emerge from the economic crisis. She emphasized the potential for further collaboration and directed the relevant department heads to motivate their staff to undergo training courses in India under ITEC. She also said that technical learnings from India are practical and implementable comparing it with technical programmes of various other countries.

3. HoC Shri Ram Mahesh highlighted the role of ITEC program in capacity building and elaborated on various key components of ITEC such as deputation of Indian experts abroad, aid for disaster relief, gifting of equipment, study tours and feasibility studies/consultancy services etc. He urged the Government officials, Alumni and other stake holders who attended the event to disseminate the GOI’s ITEC Programme among their officers, officials and staff members and encourage them to participate in future ITEC programmes. A few ITEC alumni also shared their experiences.

4. A few representative photographs are enclosed.



09th October 2023